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James Marshall presents…

The 5-Week Blueprint proven to Ignite your Sex Life, Build Masculine Confidence, & a Lifetime Arsenal of Elite Sexual Techniques to have Women Addicted To You

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What’s inside the Master Lover Toolkit?

Drawing from two decades of experience mentoring men all over the globe how to achieve peak romantic and sexual success, the Master Lover Toolkit is the world’s most practical guide to confidently wield a vast range of sexual techniques and adaptable sexual sequences, to easily take any woman to orgasm, bring out her wildest side and experience your dream sex life.
Through progressive weekly lectures and explicit technical demonstrations, that build into a lifetime reference library, I break down everything you need to know to become a master lover.
From the basics of foreplay, kissing, touch types, fingering, progressing to the bedroom through  to advanced positions for porn star level pleasure, stamina techniques to last as long as you want, and how to lead her to the wilder nastier pleasures of squirting, deepthroating and anal.
With over 25+ hours of uncensored tutorials, all techniques are demonstrated in explicit detail with sexy models. Including step-by-step tutorials, technical close-ups and scene demonstrations to see how it all ties together.

From Foundations to Elite Bedroom Mastery:

Inside this 5-week course you will learn the world’s most powerful techniques to become the passionate, confident lover all women crave, even if you have little experience or haven’t slept with tons of ladies…
  • From the fundamentals of generating sexual tension and turning her on like crazy with sensual kissing & foreplay sequences, erotic undressing and sensually dominant leadership
  • Conquering performance anxiety & physical stress response to get hard everytime
  • To having full control over your ejaculation and how long you last by progressively training your sexual stamina with ancient and modern techniques
  • Becoming fluent at bedroom communication, building strong trust, leading & commanding, to create intimacy and erotic dialogue.
  • Learn how to f*ck like a literal pornstar by mastering key positions and dozens of exciting variations that drive her wild compared to the usual “pumping”.
  • Make her squirt and climax easily with fingering, oral, and stroke techniques.
  • Exploring dominance and kink through spanking, dirty talk, measured roughness, restraints & control to unleash your beast mode and her submissive wildness.
  • Creatively use sex toys to guarantee her orgasms and add endless possibilities to your play.
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One year ago we made history in male sexual education…

In February 2023, I finally set to the biggest, most ambitious task ever yet in my coaching career…
Taking the material and hands-on tools from my in-person, 7-day five-figure sexuality workshops, which equipped participants with a clear roadmap to full-spectrum sexual mastery, and turning it into an online course that would help every man to build his ultimate sex life.
Thus the revolutionary Master Lover digital training was born.
HUNDREDS of men joined this flagship program, and by the time I closed enrollments an international movement of men, from over thirty countries, committed to sexual excellence was formed.
To this day, I still keep receiving messages of gratitude from them telling me how much the course transformed their lives and improved their relationships.
Here is what some past alumni say about the Master Lover system:


Unfortunately, countless men couldn’t access these life changing teachings on time…

With nearly one hundred hours of
in-depth, explicit lectures, live mentoring sessions, and epic bonuses, it involved a time and financial investment higher than most of my previous self-study programs.

Which meant lots of guys with busy schedules and those who could not put together the required budget on time got left out.
I’ve had countless requests to reopen the course and for a tightened-up, sleeker, and more affordable format.
So I set to work to reengineer the Master Lover Toolkit, refining it to the “Hits”; the most important core techniques and theoretical understanding.
Today I’m releasing this fully hands-on practical course, to make this revolutionary content available to all men who want elite sexual success, especially since…
Being great in bed is NOT some optional hobby or “nice to have” skill.
After devoting my adult life to mastering the art of seducing women, I can tell you that being an incredible lover is what sets apart the men who live frustrating sexual lives and struggle to keep high-quality partners around, to lifetime abundance and deep, satisfying sexual relationships.
It’s one thing to be able to pick up women but to have them stick around and get literally obsessed with you, this system will open doors for you that you didn’t even know existed. That’s because…
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Great sex is the FOUNDATION of any successful relationship

It doesn’t matter how sophisticated your social skills and charisma are.

How often you approach.
Or how much you earn and your level of status in your city.
If you cannot consistently f*ck her brains out, last long enough to take her through different positions and levels of orgasmic arousals, she’ll eventually get bored and start looking for novelty with other partners.
It may sound harsh, but beautiful women have lots of options and won’t settle for a guy who can’t fully satisfy their naughtiest needs.
On the flipside, a sexually fulfilled woman will do all she can to keep you in her life, often asking much less from you than she would from other men and revering you like a rare prize.
Great sex is addictive, and once girls can trust you to take their pleasure needs seriously, they’ll finally let go, becoming the wild submissive nymphos every man dreams of.
The devotion and sexual pleasure you receive in return for taking the time to master the bedrooms arts, is incomparably better than what most men “get” from their women.
Sadly, most guys never get to experience this liberated, passionate side of women, due to a lack of skills and understanding.

I used to be one of them…

From Impotent virgin, to world-renowned seducer, pornstar, and international sex teacher to the elites... my crazy life story

My name is James Marshall.

If you’ve been following me for a while you know me as the pioneer of natural style seduction and founder of the elite coaching company The Natural Lifestyles.
But well before I was getting hired by hedge fund moguls, tech CEOs, and European high society to teach my bedroom secrets, my sexual journey started with pitiful failure…
Back in high school, when I finally got in bed with my first girlfriend… I was limp as old celery and remained that way.
First-time nerves? We tried again. And again. And again.
Until she got sick of the awkward fumbling and disappointing attempts and dumped me.
And this continued to happen to me with my next partners.
As humiliating as this was, and as tempting as it was to just retreat from sex altogether, I was driven to fix this.
This sparked a lifelong journey to not only solve my issues but to become a truly world-class lover.
What unfolded could fill an erotic novel…
From developing as a seducer and later dating coach, fixing all my performance issues, traveling the globe to learn from every sexual expert I could find, finding myself on regular wild debaucherous escapades often pleasuring 3- 5 women a week.
To eventually starring in high-budget porn and later developing the world’s most high end “hands-on” sex workshops.
From limp dicked virgin to world-class stud, I’ve been through every step and struggle men experience along the way and have figured out how to cut years or decades off your learning curve to master the bedroom arts.
ex is complex, it’s taboo and mixed with emotional charges of shame, performance anxiety, and intimacy issues.
It’s difficult to get better without the right knowledge and confusing to know where to start, especially when you consider that…

The way you learn about sex is deeply flawed

How do we get educated about sex?

For the most ‘privileged’ among us it’s probably via sterile, theoretical high school classes more concerned about STDS and fear-mongering you into using protection than showing you how to enjoy sex.
That, and if we exclude locker room talk with our equally clueless friends, leads us to seek advice from the most available source…


It’s probably no surprise to you that this is not the most optimal way to learn skills that actually transfer in the bedroom.
The unrealistic performances you see in porn coupled with the hard-stroking style of masturbation most men use with it are among the main causes of humiliating problems like struggling to stay hard with a new girl or finishing too soon.
Many guys merely take what they see in porn movies and try to replicate it with their lovers, or rely heavily on a few “tricks” they learned online. Even worse than sheer ignorance about what to do, is arrogance and thinking your moves are perfect.
Women have consistently told me that so many men can’t ask for or take feedback. They either don’t know, don’t care, or think they already know everything.
3 out of 4 women regularly fake orgasms, or are not satisfied sexually with their partner. This leads to frequent tension in their relationships, frustration, or even infidelity.
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The ugly truth: most men do not satisfy their women sexually

Whether because of shyness, arrogance, or lack of understanding, a large percentage of guys don’t have the baseline abilities to please women and fall far short of being mind-blowing.
Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the primary reasons for relationship breakdowns and for high-quality women with options, there’s little reason to stick around.
There is a LOT more to know and do to be great in bed than just pounding her hard and fast.
Slow sensual lovemaking also has its place but if that’s all you offer the polarity and excitement quickly fade.
Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of time to reverse years of poor sexual habits, in fact…
To stand out and become the uniquely skilled lover that she will remember her whole life, you only need to master TWO things…
…that will instantly set you apart from 90% of men and open the doors of limitless pleasure possibilities.

Making you capable of creating exciting, wild erotic experiences that women will adore.

So, if you want to get started on the path of master lovers…
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First, you must understand what she really craves sexually

Female arousal begins in the brain:
if you properly can fuck her mind her body will follow ;)
So how do you figure out her unique, naughtiest desires?
You can go ahead and ask her…there are ways to do so which I’ll cover in the course, but often you won’t get the clear answer you’re looking for.
Because lots of women won’t be able to explain explicitly, because we’re dealing with subconscious, primal fantasies that she may not be able to put into words.  Or she might be worried about admitting them, for fear of being judged.
Many like rough styles of sex, and will go crazy once you introduce deep penetration positions and small doses of pain and dominance in bed…
…while others enjoy more delicate stimulation and will climax as you lead them through sensual touch, connection-based positions, and gradual surrender.
Most will like some combination of the two and everything in between, the challenge being how to communicate & experiment to discover the best blend.
If you want to be uniquely amazing in bed with ALL women, from the first night onwards, you need to rapidly figure out her sexual blueprint & anatomy in real-time.
Through a combination of physical, verbal, and emotional testing and recalibrating.

These include things like:

  • Introducing different types of kissing and touch styles, for example rough vs sensual, and see which ones she responds the most to
  • Using vocal commands, clear communication, and erotic talk to have her express how she wants to be fucked.
  • Tracking her unique erogenous zones to figure out her peak pleasure points.
Plus many more others that I cover in the program in detail…
And what you’ll discover is that the closer you’ll get to unveiling her unique erotic kinks, the hornier and wilder she’ll get, giving you clear signals of which routes to pursue.
But this is only half the work, because…

Step two is using the right tools to turn her desires into reality and give her mindblowing sex and consistent climaxes

Which involves much more than just going through the usual three positions…

Or watching a five-minute tutorial on how to eat pussy like a pro to spice things up.
If you want to always be a cut above anyone else in the sheets and consistently lead every new woman you sleep with to powerful climax, you need to harness three factors:
Duration, variety, and flow.
The sad truth is that most men on average last only about three to seven minutes.
That is barely a warm-up for women and nowhere near enough to get them to experience real pleasure, to let go and unleash their wildness.
This means most men never get to experience the full erotic potential of their partners, leading to disappointing experiences for both.
Fortunately, this is something you can quickly improve on.
I’ve mentored hundreds of clients who regularly came too quickly or couldn’t hold an erection long enough and saw them develop hour-long stamina within weeks by working on sensual awareness, breathing & physical techniques to circulate their sexual energy freely.
Another way you can gain control over your ejaculation is by regularly alternating sexual stimuli, changing styles of strokes, positions, and dominant intention, which also creates much more intimacy and nuance of pleasure possibilities.
Still, many guys, even if they have a handful of reliable moves, will quickly bore a woman if they always fuck her mechanically in the same predictable manner over and over.
A master lover knows how to smoothly vary angles during penetration and foreplay, turning a familiar position into new endless possibilities, as well as playing with intensity, polarity and dominance/submission dynamics to make sex feel novel and exciting every time.
Ultimately combining all his techniques into a deeper, intuitive sensual flow experience, to embody powerfull & creative masculinity.
Of course, this isn’t purely selfless and all about her pleasure. An expert, attentive lover will be rewarded hugely by an open, turned-on partner, who is eager to please him and give him all the erotic, naughty experiences he always wanted.
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Are you ready to start living up to your full sexual potential?

There are men out there who have the elite skillset to unlock any woman’s sexual secrets and give her extraordinary pleasure.

As a result, these rare masters of pleasure enjoy ultimate satisfaction and choice in bed, living most men’s sexual fantasies by being able to:
  • Take their partners through waves of different types of orgasm, with an intimate understanding of her unique arousal triggers.
  • Naturally encourage girls to try the naughtiest positions and acts they never did even with their ex-boyfriends
  • Have total control over their and her pleasure, lasting for as long as they both want
  • Unleashing her wildest, sluttiest self for nasty, unrestrained fantasy sex

Once you get to this level of sexual proficiency, everything gets easier…

Your powerful erotic confidence and sensual energy permeate your entire character, charging your dating and social lives with incredible opportunities.
Women can sense the hunger and power of a man who knows at his core that he can rock her world.
Unfortunately, only a very small percentage of men go through the personal evolution to unlock their full sexual potential.
Learning this on your own through trial and error is a massively time-consuming, often counterintuitive process. In my case…

It took me two decades to acquire these skills, with many dead ends and false starts…

Finding the right information and practical techniques to become world-class in bed is often confusing and painstakingly slow.
Unless you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a much more experienced lover, who is willing and patient enough to teach you the ropes to go from newbie to a true beast in the sheets, your sexual progress will likely stall soon after the beginner stage.
Of course, you could try to figure it all out by yourself, looking for advice online in dubious ebooks promising to turn you into a sex god overnight or YouTube college-style lectures and podcasts analyzing the scientific aspects of sex.
What most of these resources lack, other than debatable quality of content, are easy-to-apply, sequential steps. Instead, you’re left with random tricks, vague concepts, and no clear understanding of how to tie it all together.
You could also try to solely learn from experience, moving from partner to partner until you gradually develop some bedroom competence over the years.
But if you lack a deep understanding of female sexual psychology & anatomy, and the adaptable techniques to give her endless pleasure, you’ll be at best one of the many ‘ok’ fucks she had, and at worst a lousy lay she’ll forget ever happened.
Why wasting time trying to reinvent the wheel?
If you want to fast-track your sexual skills and results beyond what you’d ever learn on your own, you need the right guidance from experienced mentors who have committed their lives to bedroom excellence.
That’s why today, on this page only, I want to give you an unfair opportunity…
By personally inviting you to join the latest streamlined version of my revolutionary sexual mastery system.
Join the Master Lover Toolkit now!


The Master Lover Toolkit is a 5-week progressive and explicit course every man can follow to go from novice to the best sex she ever had.

Including over 25 HOURS of in-depth training (with lifetime access to the full library of content), step-by-step demonstrations of dozens of techniques, practical sex templates, and theory modules, I cover EVERY aspect of becoming legendary in bed to live out the fantasy sex life that most men never experience.
Much too hot for YouTube, this unique content is tastefully explicit, leaving nothing to the imagination.
This program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to access an elite sexual education and make all your erotic dreams a reality by:
Progressively mastering dozens of elite sex skills with explicit “HANDS-ON” lectures:
  • You will learn the most effective positions, moves, and technical tips to satisfy any woman’s varied desires. The “hands-on” instructional modules & demonstrations will help you to quickly internalize and apply every technique taught in the program (no matter how crazy).
  • By breaking it down into smaller components and rehearsing its correct application and common mistakes with my sexy female assistants, you’ll see exactly how to apply all techniques.
Understanding every nuance of female sexual anatomy, psychology, and the science of pleasure in revolutionary “SEX THEORY” modules:
  • In these value-packed modules, I dive deep into the most surprising and darkest corners of female sexual psychology, exposing widespread misconceptions, false beliefs, and showing you how to deal with sexual shame and mindset traps that threaten your erotic potential.
  • I will also teach you how to develop confident sensual dominance, so you can effortlessly take control in the bedroom and make her obey your naughtiest demands, fully knowing that you can  give her the most intimate, wild & orgasmic sex she’s ever had.
Unlocking limitless sexual energy and “all-night-long endurance” with powerful “STAMINA MASTERY” methods:
  • Every week, inside the course, you’ll get access to proven exercises, with a blend of ancient methods and modern masculine-embodiment technologies, to help reconnect with your sensuality, gain unbreakable erections, and keep going for as long as you want.

So, who is this for?

No matter your current level of experience or bedroom abilities, this system has proven life-changing for different types of men…

If you’re just starting out…

The Master Lover Toolkit will help you to get moving and develop as fast as possible the sexual confidence and practical techniques to take any woman further than she’s ever been.
Starting from the very basics of female arousal, kissing, touch escalation, sexual psychology, and foreplay techniques…
Moving then to the most elite positions, hot variations & transitions, advanced frameworks for sensual dominance, proven drills to master your stamina and unleash her wildness.
This is the resource I and countless others would have killed for at the beginning of our sexual journeys. It will help you to become a far better lover in five weeks than most men are many years into their sexual life.
And with lifetime access you can keep revisiting it every time you need, reviewing the most important techniques before implementing them with your partners.

If you already have experience and have “had no complaints”... but want to go from decent to unforgettable..

Inside this course, you’ll find everything you need to go from intermediate to advanced.
Perhaps you’ve had girlfriends, regular partners, and a bunch of casual sex. Maybe you’ve watched tutorials on how to eat pussy or learn some exotic Kamasutra positions.
That’s a good starting point! These things are exciting to most women and will definitely make you more memorable than the average guy.
But if you aim to consistently take your partners to full-body, explosive climax without being predictable or mechanical, you need far more than a couple of cool moves up your sleeve…
With the full Toolkit you’ll be able to take it to the next level, by building a truly comprehensive, well-rounded skillset for endless variety, mastering your partner’s unique desires for immersive life-changing sex and guaranteed mind blowing orgasms.

And if you have a regular committed partner that you regularly have decent sex with one or more partners…

This program will help you to fully express both your erotic potential and deepen your relationship with new variety, intimacy, and polarized dominance.
Building on everything you already know with advanced adaptable techniques and sensual dominance frameworks to enhance your sex life, continually surprise your lover, to keep the bond strong and fresh.
After completing this course you will enjoy ultimate levels of choice in the bedroom, being the first man in her life who is fully in control of her mind and pleasure.
Here is a more extensive look at how the course works and everything that it includes:

Week 1

Foundations Of Great Sex

In the first week, I walk you through the basics of what makes every man great in bed.
Whether you’re just starting out your sexual journey or are already a seasoned lover with many years of experience, everyone is guaranteed to benefit from this by refining the foundational skills that are proven to make women climax and make them want to eagerly please you.
  • We will also begin introducing a framework for safer sex and sensual exploration, so that you can progressively start pushing her limits to take her further than anyone ever did.
  • How to turn on any woman like crazy: Female orgasm is deeply associated with her mind. In week 1 I’ll teach you numerous ways to make her incredibly wet and horny without even touching her pussy, by playfully undressing her within seconds, taking sensual command of her body, so that she falls into her receptive feminine expression.
  • Becoming a great kisser: a good first kiss can make or break a date. In this module, I’ll explore and demonstrate different styles of kissing and how to combine them to make her addicted to you from the very start.
  • Foreplay Masterclass: start warming up her pussy and make her beg to be f*cked with expert fingering techniques and erogenous spots’ stimulation. We’ll also look at her sexual anatomy, teaching you to unlock the mysteries of her multiple pleasure zones for varied types of orgasm.
  • Bedroom setup 101: in this module, I show you what to include and what to absolutely avoid in your sex location to create a seductive atmosphere that favors surrender and intimacy.
  • Sexual dysfunctions’ rehab:  in these introductory lectures to stamina mastery training, I reveal to you the core root of most sexual dysfunctions most men are oblivious to, and share foundational drills to start getting back control over your arousal and sexual stamina.

Week 2

Elite Positions & Sensual Touch

Week 2 covers the most powerful positions, as well as little-known exciting variations, to bring incredible pleasure to your partners, last longer, and f*ck like an expert Casanova. We’ll also look at different types of sensual touches and calibration methods to massively improve sexual immersion.
  • Effortlessly execute dozens of positions and link them together in near-infinite variations to take her through waves of Intensity and intimacy and use proven stroke techniques to expertly map and master her pussy.
  • Learn how to use 4 types of erotic touch to turn her on, help her relax into responsive submission, improve romantic connection, and elicit her wildest side.
  • How to introduce calibrated roughness and physical dominance in bed, using pain and pleasure creatively to turn her orgasms into powerful cathartic releases, and getting her sexually addicted to you.
  • Breathing techniques for elite sexual endurance: these “erotic meditation” methods will help you to build up sexual energy and circulate it effortlessly and put you into a state of “relaxed arousal”. In this state remaining hard and present becomes second nature.

Week 3

Advanced Techniques & Basic Bondage

In week 3 we look at more advanced techniques and communication frameworks that will leave her breathless and immersed in perpetual orgasmic states.
Building on what you learned in the previous modules, you’ll also learn how to integrate and layer basic bondage and vibrators in your play to amplify her sensations and unlock explosive full-body orgasms.
  • Learn the correct, safe techniques to restrain her and take complete physical control of her with sensual dominance.
  • Master the art of breast and nipple play, using multiple styles of grasp, squeeze, caress, and licking––and how to adapt it all to different types of breasts–– before and during sex.
  • How and when to use vibrators in bed to stimulate multiple orgasmic spots at once, having a reliable “2nd D*ck” in play.
  • Learn safe techniques for Choking. Many women love being gently choked, often leading to powerful orgasm but for obvious reasons, this must be done perfectly. I show you multiple methods for safe sensual breathe play
  • Integrate vocal erotic commands and expertly negotiate consent to help her to feel more sexy, open-minded, and eager to experiment with anything you want in bed–– including dream situations like porno-style sex, submission acts, getting filmed, anal, and threesomes.

Week 4

Unleashing Her Wildness

In the fourth week of training you’ll learn how to embody the role of a consciously dominant man, helping your lovers to express their full range of untamed desire and submissive slutt*ness.
In these highly powerful modules, you get step-by-step demonstrations and in-depth knowledge to awaken your inner beast and drive women crazy, including:
  • Oral Sex Masterclass: Proven tongue techniques to make her shake uncontrollably with pleasure and lead her to climax, as well as how to seamlessly integrate cunnilingus and fingering to give her multiple, mind-body orgasms.
  • Elite Spanking Clinic: Covering 8 types of sexy, deeply erotic ways to spank a woman, during foreplay, sex or as roleplay.
  • Pre-Sex Warm-Up Routine: a short full-body warmup I’ve been using for over two decades every time I want to get ready for hours-long, wild sex. No matter how fit you are, these exercises taken from martial arts, meditation and tantra systems, specifically create more sexual power, relaxed arousal, suppleness in your hips & spine to make you a more fluid, and creative lover.
  • Advanced female sexual psychology lectures: Diving into some of the complex subconscious drivers and fears common to men and women and ways to resolve stuck energy and shame to liberate both your sexual potential.

Week 5

Erotic Mastery

Week 5 is when we put it all together: combining all the techniques you’ve learned so far to reach peak levels of sexual abilities. By the end of the course, you’ll be masterful at all the core areas of high level lovemaking, as well as be able to take women through their wildest erotic dreams using dominance-based, fantasy dynamics.
  • In week 5 you get access to some of my most advanced, “beyond vanilla” techniques, such as:
  • A comprehensive guide on how to teach any woman perfect head: Clearly coaching her on technique and style and being able to shift through different “Taking” and “Receiving” elements, so that blowjobs become both an act of enthusiastic devotion & complete surrender to your desires.
  • The Anal Sex Masterclass: the ultimate explicit step-by-step guide to anal sex. How to introduce any woman to it and guarantee painless entry even with a virgin. I also teach you how to combine anal and pussy stimulation for orgasmic overwhelm.
  • Dirty talk frameworks to train women to submit, while turning them on with erotic talk and sex commands sequences, to explore sensual dominance and take the silently awkward guess work out of sex.
  • How to alternate rough sex with immersion-focused love-making to take her on an emotional rollercoaster ride and give her the most powerful mind-body orgasms she’s ever had.
  • Self-Cultivation 101: in this value-packed class I show you how to turn masturbation into a powerful self-cultivation practice to unlock limitless sexual stamina and sensual pleasure, so that your solo time becomes powerful training to be great in bed.
  • I also reveal to you how to keep making progress from this course for YEARS, building on the concepts I cover in the Toolkit to develop your unique sexual style and keep improving in bed for the rest of your life.
Join the Master Lover Toolkit now!

As you probably realized by now, this is BY FAR the most comprehensive, easy-to-follow, practical course ever created on Sexual Mastery...

Because no one has spent so many years researching, refining and teaching to men who want practical results as I have. For men who are ready to put their ego & pride aside and upgrade their skills, this is the fastest no BS school for sexual excellence in existence.
Putting together not only OVER 25 HOURS of progressive no-nonsense lectures, advanced masterclasses, and easy-to-implement templates to take women through their wildest sexual dreams…
But also demonstrating EVERYTHING for you, in over 50 real-time demonstrations expertly filmed with five women in uncensored, explicitly detailed video tutorials.
The Master Lover Toolkit course contains more than enough techniques, erotic sequences, psychological understanding, and practical dominance mindsets for a lifetime of incredible sex.
But I decided to go even further with today’s release…giving you access to a suite of specialised additional resources, and interactive coaching.
To celebrate the launch of the Master Lover Toolkit, when you join today, you’ll also get…
FIVE Elite bonuses not available anywhere else, adding over 10 hours of extra content…


Sex Toys Masterclass

Knowing how to confidently wield the best types of toys is one of the easiest ways to satisfy a woman, once you know which ones to get and the best ways to use them.
Sex toys are not admissions of inadequacy or a threat to your woman’s attraction to you. They’re also not just for kinksters or freaky couples.
When used correctly, they are truly powerful additions to make women go crazy, compounding the pleasure she’s getting from your body.
The vast majority of ladies already own multiple sex toys, so why wouldn’t you?
Inside this practical mini-course, I reveal to you and demonstrate:
  • The four types of sex toys any guy should own – there’s a LOT more to play with beyond basic vibrators but also lots of useless gimmicks out there. I show you the best options available.
  • How to pick the right tool for the job, and use it to take her over the edge. Different penetration and external techniques for stimulating multiple pleasure zones, plus explicitly demonstrated sequences, instructing you on the full progressions needed to get her off every time.
  • Communication strategies to make using toys fun, relaxed and intimate. Quickly master your lover's body as you figure out together her unique needs for position, pressure and speed.
With so many options out there and no clear instruction, there’s a lot of confusion around this topic. But by the end of this class, you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge and skills to seamlessly get women off in shockingly effective ways, adding more wild fun and possibilities to your bedroom play.


From Date to Sex | Physical Escalation Course

This series of demonstrations will teach you everything you need to know to bridge the gap from the first date to smoothly leading to the bedroom. It’s a vital stage if you want to get to try out your Master Lover tools, to be able to consistently relax, lead and arouse a woman through potentially awkward stalling points.
It’s the exact process my best students consistently use to go from ‘nice to see you again’ to ‘please f*ck me’ on every date.
And once again, I’ll demonstrate it all on camera for you with a foxy model…
Breaking down the smoothest moves and best methods to physically escalate.
  • How to quickly build up erotic tension and comfort, leading to an effortless first kiss, getting hot and heavy, so she easily drops her guard and feels good about having sex with you on the first date.
  • Easily repeatable escalation sequences to make sure when you get a woman home, you know exactly how to progress physically.
  • How to read when “it’s on” and the woman is ready to jump straight to sex: rapid escalation techniques to start fucking within minutes of entering your place.
  • As well as showing you what the most common pre-sex mistakes that instantly turn women off are, so that you can immediately stop doing them and easily close the deal every time.


Private Master Lover Telegram account ability group

I also included a confidential group where you can openly discuss anything related to bedroom mastery & female sexuality with your fellow alumni.
Share your first epic wins in bed, celebrate others’, and don’t be afraid to ask for help to overcome sticking points or get clarification on anything in the course.
I jump on the group on a daily basis, answering questions and checking in on your progress. The group is already established from previous Master Lover trainings, with a lot of experienced and generous members, happy to share their perspectives, so you’ll be fully supported throughout the course period.
  • Access daily support, ACCOUNTABILITY, and feedback from an open-minded, supportive global tribe driven by the mutual growth and success of its members.
  • Smash through your limiting beliefs and unlock endless motivation as you get inspired by others to pursue your wildest seductive dreams.
And I’ll be there daily, ready to back you up and keep you on track.


Two Webinar recordings with James Marshall

This is your rare chance to get “face-to-face” coaching time with me, by jumping on two Zoom LIVE lectures exclusive for the students of the Master Lover Toolkit.
Watch two 90 minute recorded webinars with past students, where James answers a wide variety of questions and introduces new concepts and sexual techniques. Raw, uncensored and value packed. 
Nowadays, I very rarely do online coaching, only for a handful of committed clients willing to invest thousands for a few hours of my expertise…
But, as a bonus for joining this course, you get to spend several hours with me and your MLT brothers at no additional cost.
HD recordings of every webinar will be uploaded to the course portal within 72 hours for lifetime access.


Four Explicit Sex Scene Breakdowns

In this bonus module I’ve included four professionally filmed complete sex scenes where you can see me putting into practice everything from the course. (Don’t worry, we blurred my package but everything else is explicitly revealed;)
From kissing, to undressing, initiating foreplay, making her give me head, eating pussy, …to going through multiple positions, toys, sensual dominance techniques, and explosive orgasms.
My brave cameraman captured all the action on film and then I added real-time commentary, explaining each move and thought process going into creating such high-intensity pleasure experiences for the girls.
These explicit scene breakdowns are a very effective way to review all the main course concepts and see how they actually function in action.


So, how much does it all cost?

When you join the Master Lover Toolkit, you get lifetime access to five weeks (25+ hours) of elite sex mastery lectures, dozens of explicit demonstration tutorials, accountability systems & drills, plus five bonuses modules (adding an extra 10+ hours of content)  broken down into:
Bonus 1
Sex Toy Masterclass
VALUE: $775
Bonus 2
From Date to Sex | Escalation Course
VALUE: $1200
Bonus 3
Private Master Lover Toolkit Telegram group
Bonus 4
Two Webinar recordings w James Marshall
VALUE: $1000
Bonus 5
Four Explicit Sex Scenes Breakdowns
VALUE: $1000
Week 1
Foundations Of Great Sex
VALUE: $1200
Week 2
Elite Positions & Sensual Touch
VALUE: $1200
Week 3
Advanced Techniques & Basic Bondage
VALUE: $1200
Week 4
Unleashing Her Wildness
VALUE: $1200
Week 5
Erotic Mastery
VALUE: $1200

TOTAL value of the Master Lover Toolkit: $10.075

When you become a Master Lover, your romantic and lifestyle possibilities become limitless…

Knowing that you can effortlessly take any woman to the orgasmic peak for entire nights…
And lead her through her wildest fantasies like no one else before…
Will forever change the way you interact with women and how they’ll react to you.
This level of mastery builds core endgame confidence, making your escalation on dates seamless, sensual, and effortless.
The Master Lover’s touch has a unique quality, his energy engulfs and dominates his partners, inviting them to unleash their wildest desires and surrender, and his rare charm and core confidence make him a sought-after man by gorgeous women.
Because I know how impactful this system will be on your love life and want to make it accessible to any man who’s serious about their long-term sexual pleasure and partner’s satisfaction…
I’ve priced the Master Lover Toolkit to be affordable to any guy who really wants it.
Which is why you’re NOT paying anywhere near the $15.000, I regularly charge for in-person advanced sexuality coaching.
In fact, you’re NOT even paying a tenth of that.
Right now, and on this page only…

You can get immediate, lifetime access to this revolutionary 25+ HOUR course, including…

  • Five weeks of mentoring lectures & explicit demonstrations - covering EVERYTHING you need to know from basic foreplay and female sexuality, to elite positions, orgasms techniques, spanking, choking, sensual dominance, anal sex, stamina techniques, dirty talk, and a lot more.
  • Plus FIVE value-packed bonus modules, including in-depth masterclasses, Private chat group, and explicit, specialized modules.

For a one-time payment of just $397

To get started now and learn priceless techniques straight away, click on the link below and you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page to complete your enrolment.
Join the Master Lover Toolkit now!
3x 147$
The prices do not include VAT
Your toolkit includes:
  • Week 1: Foundations Of Great Sex
  • Week 2: Elite Sex Positions & Sensual Touch
  • Week 3: Advanced Positions & Basic Bondage
  • Week 4: Unleashing Her Wildness
  • Week 5: Erotic Mastery
  • Bonus 1: Sex Toy Masterclass
  • Bonus 2: From Date to Sex | Escalation Course
  • Bonus 3: Private Master Lover Toolkit Telegram group
  • Bonus 4: Two Webinar recordings w James Marshall
  • Bonus 5: Four Explicit Sex Scenes Breakdowns
Join the Master Lover Toolkit now!
or join for a one-time-payment of 397$


Your investment in this program comes also with a 30-day, no b.s money-back guarantee

After witnessing the incredible results this system delivered for hundreds of online clients over the past year, I’m absolutely certain that this is the fastest pathway for men to long-lasting sexual mastery…
A method so damn effective that ignites not only your bedroom results but also helps you to get women addicted and devoted to you…
I still understand some guys might be equal parts curious and hesitant about joining.
So, I’m offering a 30-day money-back guarantee for you to be able to immerse yourself in the first weeks of the course and see how powerful this method truly is!
Join the program, watch the dozens of demonstrations and specialized classes, try out the techniques with your lovers, interact with the tribe on the Telegram group, ask me anything on the LIVE webinars, and even access all the bonuses–for a full 30 days.
Then, if you’re not completely satisfied with the quality of this revolutionary course…no hard feelings.
Just send us an email at our support desk, telling us why you’re unsatisfied and we’ll refund you the entire fee.

Few men commit to the path of Sexual Mastery, and this revolutionary system is not for everybody…

After working with thousands of clients and seeing them achieve their wildest erotic dreams, I can tell you this method works best for one specific type of man.
If you’re absolutely satisfied with where your sex life is right now, and you think it could never be improved…
If you only care about your pleasure and don’t care about taking your women through powerful orgasms…
If you lack ambition and vision and don’t see sexual mastery as an important value…
And if you can’t keep an open mind and accept wild female sexual energy and desire, in their purest, most untamed forms…
Then do yourself a favor and leave this page; this program is definitely NOT for you.
  • But if you made it until here, I’m confident this is not you ;)
  • Instead, if you’re ready to commit to this method to become the legendary lover any woman can rely on for incredible, creative sex, by the end of the Master Lover Toolkit, you can be confident that you will:
  • Become a true expert in the nuances of the female body & mind, so you can smoothly adapt your skillset to each new lover.
  • Make any woman experience multiple intense orgasms with advanced fingering, stroke control, toys, and psychological methods to allow her to express her full, unleashed wildness.
  • Effortlessly transition from date to the bedroom, and make her beg you for it.
  • Hack your biology and mentality for near-limitless performance.
  • Confidently know how to use advanced sexual techniques with your partners including squirting orgasms, dirty talk, anal, controlled rough sex, and bondage.
  • Evolve into a top 1% Lover who enjoys rare abundance and devotion from high-quality women.
In only 5 weeks your sex life will be completely transformed…
The journey to get there is pretty wild too ;)
And I’ll be honoured to guide you to your ultimate sexual potential
Join the Master Lover Toolkit now!


This opportunity is NOT going to be available forever, and ultimately the choice is yours

Right now you have the chance to join the Master Lover Toolkit and start…
  • Turning every sexual fantasy you have into reality, no matter how wild and crazy
  • Always feeling in control and confident that you’ll rock her world in bed, staying hard and lasting as long as you want.
  • And by extension your self-esteem and powerful presence will ignite, giving you the power to fulfill your masculine potential and attract high quality partners.
The choice is completely in your hands, but be aware…

This program will NOT be available forever.

Right now you have a limited time opportunity to join the Master Lover Toolkit.
Enrollments close very soon, so I can focus on mentoring the next generation of legendary lovers and resuming my live coaching schedule.
By now, you’re aware of the incredible possibilities lying ahead…
In fact, no matter your current skill level, the Master Lover Toolkit propels you to the top.
There is a time for pondering, and one for action. If you’re determined to live to the fullest and turn your wildest sexual and seductive dreams into reality, you gotta act NOW.
Click on the link below to get started.
Join the Master Lover Toolkit now!

Join the master
lover toolkit now

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have a lot of experience in bed, is this for me?
Absolutely. You’ll begin the curriculum on day 1 with the foundational elements that lead to great sex, such as kissing, undressing, escalating, initiating seductive touch, and building tension. Building week by week from the basics to the most spectacular moves that will leave her breathless
If you’re at the very beginning of this journey, expect to unlock more progress and epiphanies within weeks than most men make in years.
Shouldn’t great sex just be natural?
And you should just ‘be yourself’ to attract hot women and get them on dates, right? The point is that what comes ‘instinctually’ to you is very subjective.
If you’ve been lucky enough to grow up with a cool older brother, who has slept with dozens of stunners, deeply understands what women want, and is willing to teach it to you, then some of this stuff might come naturally to you.
But if you’re like the remaining 99.9% of people who have been raised with false expectations created by porn and societal taboos, you need to re-condition your skillset and mindset to be actually incredible in bed.
What is the difference between this and your previous Master Lover Method program?
The Master Lover Toolkit is a streamlined, more accessible version of my revolutionary sexual mastery system. With a slimmer content structure and a budget-friendly enrollment fee, this program will rapidly help you build the foundations and the skillset to become confident and amazing at regular sex.
The Master Lover Method builds up on that by introducing advanced disciplines and more intense styles of sex to turn any woman’s darkest fantasies into reality. With 75 hours of extra content, it covers BDSM, Tantra, fantasy creation, roleplay, threesomes, and advanced orgasmic techniques for the most motivated students wanting to master every nuance of elite sex (with a much larger curriculum, the course fees are accordingly much higher).
I already have a girlfriend, is this still useful for me?
If you want to make her cum beyond what she ever thought possible and have her fall even harder for you, becoming extremely devoted and grateful for your presence, then YES.
Truth is that being mindblowing in bed simply gives you more power in dating and relationships. Whether you’re seeing multiple casual lovers or committed to one partner, practicing the techniques I show you will leave them shivering with pleasure and totally devoted to you.
Do I still have access to all the material after the course ends?
How does lifetime access to all the lectures and bonuses, including HD recordings of every live masterclass sound?
As long as the internet stands, you’ll be able to instantly access all the course material and keep making incredible sexual progress for years.
I never had any complaints in bed and slept with multiple women. What’s in it for me?
If you have some experience already, the Master Lover Toolkit is going to serve as the catalyst to supercharge your skills and go from good to the absolute best sex she ever had.
Unless you’ve been devoting your whole life to this, chances are you’re proficient only in certain areas of sex like doggy style position or cunnilingus. Throughout the program, you’ll acquire dozens of complementary skills, such as touch escalation, dozens of position variations, spanking, choking, bondage, squirting & multiple orgasm types, and sensual dominance that will turn you into a more confident and well-rounded lover.
Most times I can’t even get it up with new girls, or last very long. How can I implement the most advanced techniques?
During the course, you’ll get access to in-depth modules focused entirely on erection and stamina issues. I’ve poured in everything I’ve learned over two decades of working with world-class sexologists and pleasure experts to make sure anyone can swiftly and permanently overcome any common dysfunctions.
If your issue is not medical, which is less than 5% of men on the planet, by using the techniques I show you you will be able to get it up, keep it up, and use the advanced strategies I teach you to make her explode with pleasure and get her addicted to you.2
Is the Master Lover Toolkit available forever?
No. The Master Lover Toolkit is open for enrollment only for the next seven days until December 3rd, 2023.
After that date, I’ll close applications permanently to focus on mentoring the next generation of world-class lovers.
If you’re serious about becoming one of them, the time for action is NOW.
What if I struggle applying some of the techniques, how can I get support and feedback?
I have included a dedicated, private Telegram group for Toolkit alumni for that. Feel free to post any questions on techniques for troubleshooting, overcoming sticking points, and more. I check the group chat every day and personally answer most questions within 24 hours, during the 5 week course.
I’m still working on seduction and learning how to meet girls, is this course right for me?
Unless you’re just looking to collect dozens of numbers and never do anything with them, then the answer is an absolute YES.
The Master Lover Toolkit begins the exact moment you get her on a date, as your touch and escalation skills, which I will teach you extensively, are critical to turning her on and effortlessly taking her home.
Plus, knowing that you are an absolute hotshot in bed builds crazy endgame confidence for you, removing all the pressure on dates because you know that within a few hours, you will be in bed with her rocking her world like no one ever did before.
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